Setting the path between market need and the internal mechanisms to deliver.

Work with Amy


Startups are hungry. They bring speed, passion, and agility to their work. But they may lack infrastructure, and must prove the business can scale.

Through ongoing advisory relationships, Amy offers founders pragmatic guidance on how to:

  • Get insights into customer needs, even with limited resources
  • Clarify brand positioning to connect to users’ values
  • Understand purchasing behaviors of buyers, users, and influencers
  • Open doors to enterprise prospects and partners

Big companies have capital, scale, brand, support systems, and infrastructure. But their traditions and cultures can diminish innovation.

In keynote speaking and workshops, Amy instills energy and equips enterprise leaders with tools to:

  • Ground innovation priorities in business goals
  • Make talent decisions – people selection, skills, structure
  • Establish governance for decisions and accountability
  • Move concepts forward covering all required steps for delivery
Individual Impact

What every individual brings to the innovation process matters.  The work is hard and rewarding. Often there are no obvious answers for big decisions.

Amy acts as a sounding board to address challenges that derail innovations, offering recommendations informed by perspective as a c-suite innovator and startup adviser. Relationships start with:

  • Defining goals and creating a plan of action
  • Meeting routinely for check-ins
  • Developing and supporting delivery of solutions to stay on track

Keynote Speaking

Leading Innovation, Radin’s signature keynote, introduces the Seek, Seed and Scale innovation framework and offers audiences immediately useable advice and tools to deliver growth through innovation.

Drawing upon her experience as a seasoned leader and innovation operator, Amy’s Leading Innovation keynote takes audiences from the beginning to the end of the process, from how to identify high potential unmet market needs, and from there, provides a proven framework for “what to do next.”

Audiences will walk away knowing:

  • How to identify market-driven, high potential ideas
  • The specific steps and tools that really matter to convert an idea into commercial reality
  • How to lead effectively through the inevitable, daily obstacles that tend to derail or diminish innovation

Custom innovation keynotes and workshops can be developed and adapted to client and audience needs, including sector, function, and business priorities.

“Amy has fought many innovation battles on the front lines. Her stories bring to life the importance of not accepting traditional organizational push-back and how bravery and persistence really make innovation come alive. Amy kept the audience fully engaged and furiously scribbling notes.”

Daniel Seewald, Global Team Lead, Worldwide Innovation at Pfizer



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