Praise for The Change Maker’s Playbook

As a fellow change maker, I’ve long admired Amy Radin’s impact and resilience. In The Change Maker’s Playbook, she offers a practical guide to getting to the other side of change in a way that creates value and meaning. An important resource for anyone looking to innovate better.

Beth Comstock, Author, Imagine It Forward and former Vice Chair, GE

Seed. Seek. Scale. Amy Radin’s formula for innovation is uncommonly clear. The true lesson woven throughout the book is that it all begins and ends with culture, an important lesson for organizations of every size.

Ajay Banga, President and Chief Executive Officer, Mastercard

This book has become my team’s manifesto. Radin inspires you to keep the momentum while laying out the steps to move through the inevitable resistance you’ll face. This is the book for teams with a bold agenda.

David Edelman, Chief Marketing Officer, Aetna

An indispensable guide for marketers and those who want to truly deliver better products and experiences for their customers, not just talk about it. In her accessible and relatable way, Radin lays out the path for finding and delivering innovation essential to brand impact.

Lewis Gersh, Founder and CEO, Pebble Post

Innovation is clearly a MUST but never comes easily. Thanks to The Change Maker’s Playbook, we now have a practical, actionable guide to help tackle the non-negotiable task of delivering value through innovation.

Emma Weisberg, Head of Global Business Marketing, Waze

What businesses need today is change makers: driven leaders who turn market disruption into innovation opportunities, creating real impact and value. If you’re up for this, Amy Radin’s fearlessly focused and practical book is your next must-read.

David Rogers, Columbia Business School faculty and best-selling author, The Digital Transformation Playbook

Radin’s Seek, Seed, Scale framework should be in the workspace of any leader who wants to create sustainable franchises and shape the future (and not be undone by the forces at play in today’s world).

Ashok Vaswani, CEO, Barclays UK

So much of innovation focuses on developing and testing breakthrough ideas. Yet, the vast majority of these ideas fail to be adopted. Amy Radin not only focuses on the generation of innovative ideas (seeking), but also the process of shepherding those ideas through organizational hurdles (seeding), and become drivers of real organizational performance (scaling). Executives who find themselves in an increasingly fast-paced and unpredictable world would be well advised to seek counsel in The Change Maker’s Playbook.

Michael Wade, Cisco Chair in Digital Business Transformation, Professor of Innovation and Strategy, IMD

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