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Since publishing The Change Maker’s Playbook: How to Seek, Seed and Scale Innovation In Any Company I have had the opportunity to speak about my passion — moving ideas to execution — with many incredible women who are making their mark on the world. I am more inspired than ever to help as a guide, advisor and mentor — to share knowledge and establish connections impacting their success.  That’s because as I look back through my own career, what I see is that while gender-based inequities have in some ways diminished, others persist and sometimes have even intensified.

Women can and should boost other women up towards achieving their goals, and I am committed to do my part.

To start the new year I will be doing the first of a series of “Conversations about Women and Entrepreneurship,” this one along with Aliza Freud, Founder and CEO of SheSpeaks, the digital platform that amplifies women’s voices. If Millburn, New Jersey is convenient to you, I hope you will join the live event on January 13 at 5:00 pm at The Book House, a wonderful, independent (and woman-owned) book store. (Please share with friends who may be in or around the area!)

Women’s contributions to their families, communities, and our broader society and economy will be facilitated by the sponsorship of leaders who possess knowledge, power and authority — including men.  So, this issue is important for all who believe every individual’s contributions matter and that their own actions make a difference — irrespective of gender.

Here is my top list list of to-do recommendations — culled from personal experience, observing the success and frustrations of other women executives and entrepreneurs, and the research upon which The Change Maker’s Playbook is based.

  1. Pursue your purpose and passion — they are your source of the emotional fuel to persist.
  2. Ask for what you need, and get past the misperception that requesting help signals weakness.
  3. Remember, you are who you say you are, and who you are will attract or drive away others.
  4. Surround yourself with the very best people — do not ever settle when it comes to talent.
  5. Promise more than you can deliver in the moment, but then be sure to catch up and deliver it.
  6. Find a community of others with whom you can collaborate, share experiences, and bounce ideas.
  7. Give yourself credit for what you achieve along a road that will be windy and pot-holed.
  8. Perform the high-wire act of believing in your vision — and constantly staying open to feedback.
  9. Co-develop along with potential users and clients. If you listen, they will show you what they need.
  10. Expect failure.
  11. Pay it forward — to your daughters and other women who will be the future change makers.

Onward, change makers, to 2019!

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