A more assured path to delivering growth through innovation.

Growth through innovation is costly, complex and not at all certain. But in today’s rapidly changing and demanding market, relying on the status quo is an untenable strategy. Leaders are facing constant pressure to deliver short-term results while finding and investing in growth opportunities that require resources, but may or may not produce the desired outcome. The good news is there is a realistic and proven path to deliver growth through innovation.

Hi, I’m Amy Radin.

My passion and expertise is helping leaders succeed by offering a realistic and proven framework, from beginning to end, to deliver high impact innovation.

Through the Seek, Seed and Scale framework, I offer leaders a way to identify market-driven, high potential ideas, the specific steps and tools that really matter to convert an idea into a commercial reality, and how to lead effectively through the inevitable, daily obstacles that tend to derail or diminish innovation.

The Change Maker’s Playbook

I wrote The Change Maker’s Playbook: How to Seek, Seed and Scale Innovation in Any Company (City Point Press, Fall 2018) to give leaders faced with the constant pressure of finding and investing in growth opportunities a proven framework to innovate with greater predictability.

From a wealth of experience as a chief marketing and innovation officer in demanding, financially driven, complex companies, and as a board member and startup adviser, I have developed the Seek, Seed and Scale framework for leading innovation. The framework:

  1. Shows leaders how to find and define what to build — rooted in unmet market needs (Seek)
  2. Offers the steps tools and skills leaders need to bring a concept to market — understanding the realities of organizational complexity and culture (Seed)
  3. Helps leaders understand what it takes to build and operate the business model for promised results — avoiding the complacency that can get in the way of the ongoing need to keep up with constant change (Scale)

The Change Maker's Playbook by Amy Radin

How I work with clients.

I begin by understanding your growth challenges and innovation priorities, then tailor recommendations that tap into the wealth of experience I bring from a combination of c-suite roles, startup relationships, and insights gained from researching The Change Maker’s Playbook. My goal in every engagement is for clients to walk away with a realistic and proven approach to innovate with greater predictability, and understand how to get from insights and ideas to in-market success.

Presenting the Leading Innovation keynote.

Drawing upon my experience as a seasoned leader and innovation operator, the Leading Innovation keynote takes audiences from the beginning to the end of the process. I offer ways to identify high potential unmet market needs, and from there, provides a proven framework for “what to do next” and how to lead through the inevitable, daily challenges any organization will face in pursuit of innovation.

Leaders will walk away with immediately useable advice and tools to solve meaningful problems for their customers, more reliably deliver innovation results, and have enduring, positive impact on the culture and capabilities of their organization.

Amy is the perfect amount of crazy. Every brilliant creator or disruptor has to have some crazy running through their veins, and Amy balances that perfectly against her wealth of experience. Amy has been a terrific thought partner throughout the MVP stage, and should be keenly sought by everyone.

Dax Hamman, Co-founder and Chief Revenue Officer, Chango (acquired by The Rubicon Project)



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