I equip and inspire innovators and their teams to create impact.

Innovation is part of any growth strategy, and can be costly, complex, and not at all assured. No matter how successful you are today, relying upon the status quo is an untenable strategy to remain vibrant and relevant.

The challenge? Leaders must make innovation an active part of shaping their future – and invest resources against uncertain outcomes – while also producing near-term results.

I offer pragmatic and proven methods to deliver innovation outcomes, by helping you build your innovation leadership and execution muscle.

Hi, I’m Amy Radin.

I work with leaders faced with the imperative to innovate, to shape the future of their business with vision, pragmatism, and through a customer lens.

The Change Maker’s Playbook

I wrote The Change Maker’s Playbook: How to Seek, Seed and Scale Innovation in Any Company, to give leaders under constant pressure to understand and meet fast-changing customer needs a proven, real-world framework to innovate with greater predictability. 

The Change Maker's Playbook by Amy Radin

How I work with clients.

I begin by understanding your:

  • Business, growth and change priorities
  • Your Innovation North Star
  • What your biggest challenges are
  • How your success is measured

I then work with you to develop and implement a tailored approach that fits with your culture, priorities, people and resources, and that will enable your success.

I look forward to understanding your innovation needs and challenges.

Tailored keynotes for your audience’s needs

I speak because I am passionate about sharing what I have learned as a change maker and innovator — so that I can help others on this path.

Because every audience is unique, I don’t deliver canned speeches.

I work with each event organizer to understand the audience and goals for the event.

Then I develop content and an approach that will motivate, engage, and inspire the audience. I ensure everyone leaves with actionable insights and advice that they can immediately apply in their organization and career.

Amy is the perfect amount of crazy. Every brilliant creator or disruptor has to have some crazy running through their veins, and Amy balances that perfectly against her wealth of experience. Amy is a terrific thought partner, and should be keenly sought by any innovator.

Dax Hamman, Co-founder and Chief Revenue Officer, Chango (acquired by The Rubicon Project)



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