Hi. I’m Amy Radin. I dive into challenges and untangle complexity to find answers. By connecting data and customer insights to brand, offering, channel, experience, sales and marketing, I align the business model to execute the results you want for your business or new venture.

As an advisor, keynote speaker and workshop leader, I bring hands-on experience to help clients translate insights and ideas into innovative products and services that solve real problems.

Work with Amy

Outcomes-Based Workshops

Amy designs and leads custom workshops that address each client’s priorities, using the Seek, Seed, Scale framework for proven impact. Participants leave with concrete action steps, empowered to tackle the latest execution requirements and overcome obstacles. Workshops, varied from two hours to five days, include:

  • Developing The Innovation Operating Plan
  • Strengthening The Culture of Innovation
  • Building Innovation Skills, Capabilities, and Leadership
  • Five Days To A Working Prototype
Executive & Board Advising

An outside-in perspective on strategy, trends, capabilities, and innovation delivery leads to breakthroughs on the issues Amy unpacks for the c-suite and boards of directors. She consistently gets beyond the obvious, and quickly heads where the answers to innovation progress often lie. Work with Amy:

  • As a board member
  • In a “closed door” executive session focused on what’s next on your list of critical topics to advance innovation results
  • In one-to-one or small group problem-solving sessions
Startup Advisory Services

A fresh philosophy, deep expertise, and a wide network of relationships combine to make Amy a valued advisor to startup founders, marketers, and sales executives. Amy has been the buyer, selecting new tech capabilities from startups to drive corporate digital and innovation strategies, and pushing purchases through corporate decision-making processes to signed contract. Engagement examples:

  • Advisory board member, acting as a door opener to corporate buyers
  • Coaching sales executives on getting the pitch right
  • Developing marketing and brand strategy to fuel sales effectiveness and lead generating goals, applying extensive experience as a data-driven consumer marketer and strategist to build hard-working plans

Keynote Speaking

Through real-world story telling at corporate events and industry conferences, Amy’s keynotes strengthen the audience’s courage, and provide concrete steps to pursue innovation challenges beginning immediately.

She presents the framework to enable innovation in any company, speaking from personal experiences on how to conquer the concurrent feelings of coolness and threat, inevitability and unpredictability, success and fear of failure that the word innovation evokes.

Amy has significant experience onstage as a keynote speaker, moderator and panelist at corporate leadership, innovation, marketing, and industry-specific events. Each keynote is adapted to pinpoint client priorities, and is delivered with empathy for her audience, who as a result leave motivated to take the next step that will drive their innovation imperatives. 

Amy’s signature keynote, What Makes a Change Maker a Change Maker?,  is adaptable to a wide range of audiences from corporate boards and innovation executives, to sales force leaders, and teams working in startup environments.

Presentations are customizable for sector context, business objectives, and audience profile.

“Amy has fought many innovation battles on the front lines. Her stories bring to life the importance of not accepting traditional organizational push-back and how bravery and persistence really make innovation come alive. Amy kept the audience fully engaged and furiously scribbling notes.”

Daniel Seewald, Global Team Lead, Worldwide Innovation at Pfizer



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