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In today’s discussion with Justin Brady, The Creativity Cultivator, we talked about the Seek, Seed, Scale framework, and why it’s so important for change makers to cover all of the bases. Don’t be fooled by the two-dimensional presentation of the Framework.  A book or infographic make it easier to reduce a complex idea to simple terms, but innovation involves anything but a linear or predictable series of steps. It’s iterative, dynamic, ambiguous … even messy.

We also looked failure in the eye — which is the starting point to see it as learning applied to getting things right the next time, whether on a project or in one’s life and career. For me, that meant leaving a culture that was at odds with the purpose to which I was committed.

Listen to the complete show — it’s about 30 minutes.

For additional programming on this and related topics, change makers can access Justin’s other podcasts at  The Creativity Cultivator.


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