Hi. I’m Amy Radin. I dive into challenges and untangle complexity to find answers. By connecting data and customer insights to brand, offering, channel, experience, sales and marketing, I align the business model to execute the results you want for your business or new venture.

Business Builder – Marketing & Digital Executive –Pragmatic Innovator

Connecting data and customer insights to brand, offering, experience, sales and marketing.

Aligning the business model for the results you want for your business or new venture.

Amy Radin
Innovation Enabler, Marketing & Digital Strategist, Keynote Speaker

My marketing, digital and innovation expertise has developed as a leader and c-suite executive at CitiE*TRADE, AXA and American Express, and as an Advisory Board member, consultant and seed stage investor.

As Citi Cards’ e-Business executive, I led the digital transformation of one of the world’s largest consumer franchises, and then served as the first Chief Innovation Officer across Citi’s consumer businesses globally. In these roles, my teams pioneered secure e-commerce payments technology, mobile device payments in the NYC subway system, and peer-to-peer cash exchange via mobile technology.

At American Express, I co-invented a new type of insurance, establishing a high-growth P&L. As AXA’s US Chief Marketing Officer, I led this insurer’s North American brand launch. And, as Chief Innovation Officer at E*TRADE, I created an innovation platform re-engaging employees to define client-centric business opportunities.

Now I work with executives to create or transform businesses for growth, by:

  • finding and strengthening the customer levers in the business model,
  • positioning brands and new business concepts to connect with customers,
  • establishing accountable marketing programs, and
  • defining pragmatic digital and innovation strategies.

I am authoring a playbook for business builders, targeting publication in early 2018, and share insights and advice on Huffington Post and other media sites. Thanks to the encouragement and support of my parents, I earned a MBA, Marketing at The Wharton School, and a BA, College of Letters and Spanish from Wesleyan University.

Raised in Brooklyn long before it was cool, I now call New Jersey home, where I live with my family and our rescue cat, JJ.

Sometimes, companies don’t hear when opportunity knocks. So I help them refine their listening skills and together, translate those opportunities into plans.

Goal-proof your business model

Understanding how people discover, buy and use products, and how behavior affects the business model will make or break a business. Amy applies expertise piloting, launching and transforming business models to test assumptions, define metrics, and anticipate capabilities required to get results.

Deliver accountable marketing

Marketing ROI can be elusive but is a must. Amy brings deep knowledge of how to connect every dollar of marketing spend to business goals. She can establish the execution plan -- test-and-learn priorities, segmentation, and data science capabilities -- to acquire customers and build loyalty.

Execute innovation

Innovating to create profitable, viable businesses is hard work. Amy brings her track record as an innovation operator and expert to seed growth. She takes an uncommon look at people’s needs, translates needs into viable concepts, and defines what it will take to implement for results.

Connect the dots for results

Speed is essential, and is sustained by an ability to establish and act quickly upon all sorts of connections. Amy is a recognized connector – linking insights to actions, problems to solutions, and people to people – and is ready to use this ability to accelerate progress on your goals.

Speaker and facilitator

Innovation is a discipline requiring leadership, skills and processes that differ from those of a mature business. Amy is an accomplished speaker and workshop facilitator who can work with your team to empower them with tools to drive your growth agenda forward.

Advisory board member

Marketing, digital and innovation are priorities for any team seeking profitable growth. Amy works with executives as an active and independent sounding board. She engages on business development opening doors to mutually beneficial relationships that build business.

Send me a note about your innovation opportunities. I’d like to work with you to make them real.

Executive Role Highlights


US Chief Marketing Officer

Amy changed the conversation at a 150-year old life insurance and annuity product provider to put clients and their needs at the center. She drove digital investment within an analytics framework, including award-winning site redesign, advisor social media strategy, client servicing, account management and integrated marketing programs.


Global Chief Innovation Officer, Head of Citi Cards e-Business

Amy led the digital transformation of the credit card business – developing the capabilities, analytics approach, and user experience to make digital channels core to customer acquisition, servicing and relationship management. She then became Citi’s first Chief Innovation Officer, where she pioneered mobile payments and other banking offerings that remain prominent elements of the retail bank’s digital platform.


Chief Innovation Officer

E*TRADE had lost its innovation mojo and the capacity to grow profitably, at a time when investor needs, post financial crisis, were being redefined. Amy was recruited to reignite the company’s capacity to innovate for profitable growth.

American Express

Vice President, Product Manager

Amy’s 13-year career included assignments in general management, product development and loyalty programs. She invented a new insurance product, led exponential P&L growth, launched a rewards program and redesigned the monthly statement to integrate merchant offers.