Hi. I’m Amy Radin. I dive into challenges and untangle complexity to find answers. By connecting data and customer insights to brand, offering, channel, experience, sales and marketing, I align the business model to execute the results you want for your business or new venture.

Achieving business-changing innovation under uncertain, complex, and fast-changing conditions.

The forces of change are easy to see. Innovation has moved from an abstraction that will matter at some future date to a front-and-center deliverable. The problem? It is hard to do. Innovation success requires rethinking how to move from intention, insight, and idea to creating value for the business.

Hi, I’m Amy Radin.

My passion and expertise is helping leaders execute innovation under uncertain, complex, and fast-changing conditions. There is no rulebook for innovation. But there are patterns any team can adapt and apply.

I’d like to help you increase your innovation effectiveness by connecting these patterns to your challenges. I find practical, risk-managed ways to sidestep or reduce barriers to innovation impact in any organization, uncovering opportunities that may only be evident from an outside-in view. And I work with leaders to define the roadmap to make your intentions real — because innovation execution succeeds with roll-up-your-sleeves leadership engagement.

The Change Maker’s Playbook

I wrote The Change Maker’s Playbook: How to Seek, Seed and Scale Innovation in Any Company (City Point Press, Fall 2018) to give leaders charged with the daunting but non-negotiable task of innovating a partner in that work.

Drawing upon both personal successes and lessons learned as a Fortune 100 Chief Marketing and Innovation officer, startup adviser, consultant and board member, and from interviews with nearly 50 corporate innovators, founders, and investors, the book offers a wealth of valuable stories, tools, and advice. Every chapter will help users increase their innovation effectiveness, provide ready-to-apply techniques, and assure progress towards creating new sources of value and growth.

How I engage with clients.

As an experienced c-suite executive I know that innovation is not about “cool stuff” – investments must aim for concrete results. Results happen through persistence and collaboration. Applying approaches that have worked in the past to produce earnings rarely work to invent the future. Instead, through advisory work, outcomes-based workshops, and board of director engagements, I introduce new methods that replace the old rules while managing the inherent risks of innovation.

Innovation keynotes designed to engage and inspire.

Even the word innovation can be polarizing, conjuring at the same time feelings of coolness and threat, inevitability and unpredictability, attraction and avoidance, success and fear of failure. But innovating today is a market imperative. To figure out how to create new sources of value and growth, and not get left behind – while moving faster than ever before — leaders must rethink how they approach innovation.

Through real-world stories, my keynotes strengthen audiences’ courage and resolve to take on these challenges, and offer the framework to make it happen.

Amy is the perfect amount of crazy. Every brilliant creator or disruptor has to have some crazy running through their veins, and Amy balances that perfectly against her wealth of experience. Amy has been a terrific thought partner throughout the MVP stage, and should be keenly sought by everyone.

Dax Hamman, Co-founder, Reinvent Partners, Co-founder and Chief Revenue Officer, Chango (acquired by The Rubicon Project)



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